I love that it is not ostentatious but still luxurious!+

I love that my iPad case is soft and made from natural materials. I love that it is not ostentatious but still luxurious. I love that it doesn't draw attention to it's expensive contents thus drawing the eye of potential thieves.

David O'Sullivan, April 2012

Still works great for my iPhone5+

I love how fashionably well it protects my iPhone. I bought it when I had my iPhone4 and it still works great for my iPhone5.

Raschelle Casebier, April 2012

Macbook Pro feels incredibly secure+

I LOVE my ColcaSac. Honestly, I haven't lugged it around THAT much as my computer primarily stays in my apartment, but when I do tote it around, it feels incredibly secure inside the ColcaSac. I have received compliments on it, and it seems like it'll last forever. It's so soft on the inside, so I'm never worried about my precious laptop being scratched.

Laura Bowman, April 2012

Ultra soft lining protects my laptop+

I would have to say the size is definitely a plus, which is what I was going for, and the ultra soft lining protects my laptop from scratches. If I were to make any suggestion for improvement, the only thing I can really think of is the size of the front pocket... It barley fits my charger, but it does fit it! Not a huge deal.

Coe Rangel, April 2013

I hate casing on my products but I want them protected with ColcaSac+

Since my first ColcaSac (iPad 2 Sleeve), I have purchased one for my Retina and a custom one for my 3DS. I also convinced two people I work with to purchase your stuff. I love ColcaSac because it's handmade and from the USA. I hate putting casing on my products, but I want them to be protected, that's why I chose to go with ColcaSac initially.

Steve Black Jr., April 2013

It has been a year but ColcaSac is still in great nick+

I absolutely LOVE my ColcaSac. It looks so good and it really protects my Mac. So many people have commented on it and asked me where I got it. It has been a year since I got it and it is still in great nick... not a thread out of place!

Katie Grehan, April 2013

Wish there was a ColcaSac for me to wear!+

I love our ColcaSac. It's sleek and makes the computer more packable. Works well to protect it. Its texture is so nice to handle. I wish there was a ColcaSac for me to wear!

Donna Johnson, March 2013

One of the highest quality iPad cases!+

The materials and feel of the ColcaSac is spot-on. It's one of the highest quality iPad cases I've ever used, and it's survived the first year with no damage whatsoever. It's so soft that I've used it as a pillow on occasion. And the iPad protection isn't that bad, either.

Jason Rappaport, March 2013

I love it and have used it every day since purchase+

I love the ColcaSac iPad Case and have used it every day since purchase. I have had several positive comments when people have seen it. I like the look and feel and it protects the iPad well. No suggestions to improve, I like the pocket and use it for iPhone and glasses case.

Roy Fox, March 2013

The pocket always comes handy for iPad+

If sleeves were bigger and me smaller, i'd sleep in them! ;) They are really great. Very good looks and quality. And the pocket always come handy for iPad.

Alen S., March 2013

ColcaSac is Nothing Short of Amazing Products+

Amazing products, ColcaSac is nothing short of Amazing products with amazing people working there!

Jose Castro-Frenzel, March 14, 2013

I love ColcaSac for my Macbook and it's fantastic!+

I just love the quality of it. I use it for my Macbook and it's fantastic. It's durable and I feel like such a hipster when I use it. :) I can't wait to scrounge up some more money to buy a whole matching set!

Marlene Lane, February 2013

ColcaSac Sleeve Protects My iPhone Really Well+

I love that they are made from hemp and are all fuzzy inside, protecting my gadgets really well.

Shirley Yushkov, February 2013

ColcaSac iPad Sleeve Still in Great Condition After 3 Years+

I purchased my first ColcaSac back in 2010, and it's still in great condition (along with the iPad 1) I love how durable and long lasting they are :)

Jimmy Thigpen, February 1, 2013

ColcaSac iPad sleeve Really Turns Heads+

I like the simplicity of the styling and the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship. I like the fact that it really turns heads, standing out amongst the myriad other cases available. And, most important, I like the fact that it protects my iPad.

Christopher Smith, February 1, 2013

They look and feel very comfortable like your favorite fleece jacket+

I love that they are all natural and handmade. They look and feel very comfortable, like your favorite fleece jacket. I felt like stuffing my face into my Uintah iPad sleeve as soon as I got it xD I totally would've if I could!

Wajiha Said, January 2013

If it wasn't for ColcaSac, my Macbook would have been a goner!+

Sure, ColcaSac's products are easy on the eyes, but I've had my ColcaSac sleeve with my Macbook since 2008 and it's lasted soooo long. One time, my Macbook fell out of my backpack and if it wasn't for the ColcaSac sleeve it was in, it would have been a goner! So thanks, ColcaSac, for keeping my gadgets warm and safe!

JP Franco, January 2013

My Macbook has been well protected by ColcaSac!+

I love how unique the designs of each case are. I get comments regularly on how stylish they are, to say nothing of how well my Macbook has actually been protected from a few drops!

Nathan D. Graves, January 2013

Love the hemp and style!+

Love the hemp, and love the style, and I must say I love ripping that velcro to pull out my iPad! The whole experience is quite comforting :)

John Ingalls, January 26, 2012

Jealous of my Macbook inside a ColcaSac sleeve+

I love the overall look and feel, as well as the amazing materials used. I'm jealous of my MacBook Pro on a regular basis, as he gets to slip in that cozy, furry cave.

Maximilian Zimmer, January 2013

With ColcaSac cases, I never need to worry about what kind of bag thro...+

I love the amount of protection they offer my stuff. I never need to worry about what kind of bag I throw my iPhone, iPad and MacBook into, the cases make sure they'll never get scratched or buffed up. It also helps that they look amazing and perfectly compliment Apples style!

Jonathan Traynor, January 2013

ColcaSac makes storing and keeping my iPad safe simple+

I love how simple ColcaSac makes storing and keeping my iPad safe, and how organic the ColcaSac looks and feels. I never have to worry about it and I can walk around with it knowing I have a stylish, fun way to protect my device. I hope I can get another soon for Kindle and my MacBook! I love ColcaSac products!

Corey Beckmann, January 2013

I go for ColcaSac to protect my Macbook, My Sis loves them too!+

My first ColcaSac was for white MacBook back in the day. Since then I've been buying more to protect my other devices simply because they look great, are soft and safe to go with. My sister loves them too, and has one her Mac and phone!

Simon Laird, January 2013

ColcaSac is the fuzziest, most comfy hoodie for my Apple gear!+

My ColcaSac sleeve for my MacBook Pro is from the days when you were still AppleSac. I've enjoyed seeing the brand become so popular. Putting my stuff in my messenger bag makes me feel like I'm putting it in the fuzziest, most comfy hoodie, and that makes me happy :)

Christopher West, January 2013

ColcaSac fits the thin MBPr 15" perfectly!+

I purchased a ColcaSac for my Macbook Pro with Retina Display. I had tried other cases for 15" laptops but none of them fit the thin MBPr. I found ColcaSac and immediately fell in love with the "natural" look and feel of the case and what made it even better was that there was an option specific to the Retina Pro. I've used it for a few months now and I love it every time I use it.

Kobi Tate, January 2013

ColcaSac sleeve is really cool and is the best way to protect my iPad+

I like the most how you do your products. I like the design, materials, support etc. And the heavy duty hemp is really cool and stylish and it is the best way to protect my iPad. And I am very excited about the non scratch Velcro which is awesome! I hope your products will be my only covers for my Apple lineup.

Petr Zdarsky, January 2013

Received Shoulder Bag in Record Shipping Time+

I wanted to take the time to mention that I received my shoulder bag today in record shipping time. I live in Australia and domestic mail here takes longer than to ship from the US. Absolutely love your quality product, really look forward to showing it off. Thank you for an easy transaction.

Louis Fischer, December 2012

I recommend ColcaSac Shoulder Bags and iPad covers!+

A few months before, I was looking for an iPad cover in order to carry it during a trip. My boyfriend found ColcaSac and surprised me with the iPad cover (the pink one) for my birthday. Then I bought a shoulder bag and I now use it as a purse every day. I would recommend it to someone that needed one. I also recommend this company to anyone who is looking for an iPad cover. They probably noticed that I bought a lot of iPad covers, but no they aren't all mine, some were Christmas gifts!

Fanny Larochelle, December 2012

Mom loves customized ColcaSac Kindle cover for Nook+

I love the ColcaSac! I've been getting them since they were AppleSac for all my devices. You actually customized the Kindle cover with my Nook's dimensions and I love it. I have one for my iPad and gave another Nook cover to my mom for her birthday which she loves! I just had to wash my iPad cover because milk got spilled on it. The iPad was totally fine thanks to the ColcaSac! And it was washed in the washer and air dried and is like new again. Thanks so much!

Sheridan Broderick, December 2012

Impressive Quality of ColcaSac Kindle sleeve+

I love the ColcaSac I recently purchased for my Kindle. The sleeve fits my Kindle perfectly, even with a leather cover on. As always, I am impressed by the quality of your work! Excellent product!

Kevin Folds, December 3, 2012

Juan Valdez shoulder bag and MBP sleeve joins little bro iPad+

Thank you ColcaSac! Tonight, I received my new Juan Valdez Shoulder Bag and Juan Valdez MacBook Pro with Retina Display sleeve. They are joining their little bro, my Juan Valdez iPad 3 with Smart Cover sleeve. Fell in love with my iPad sleeve so I HAD to make a set!

Robby Kaplarczuk, September 22, 2012

Won't cover electronics with anything else+

Let me say that my husband and I own a total of 5 of your sleeves of various sizes, and absolutely love all of them! Maybe I'll send a photo sometime. I wouldn't dream of covering my electronics with anything else.

Esther Criscuola de Laix, October 20, 2012

I'll never leave ColcaSac!+

Marlana and Tyler from Louisiana want to thank ColcaSac for all the aesthetically pleasing protective sleeves! Thank you! I'll never leave ColcaSac!

Tyler Luke Callais, September 22, 2012

ColcaSac sleeves look cool both in photos and in real life!+

Got my Juan Valdez for the MacBook and iPhone today. Just wanted to say how pleased I am. They look as cool in real life as they do in pictures. The iPhone case is a very snug fit, but I think the fleecy material will shrink a bit with use, so that should be fine! Also, it was thankfully not held up at customs.

Nienke 'Catherine' Boomsma, October 16, 2012

A neat sleeve for my MBP 15 Retina+

I just received my Hanakapiai for a MacBook Pro 15 with Retina display and another one for an iPhone. Breathes quality, both inside and out. Silky smooth, soft interior protected by robust fabric on the outside. Definitely feels worth its price. A neat sleeve for neat computer. And only 7 days from order to delivery in France, nicely packed. I couldn't have hoped for a better experience all around. Thanks!

Roman Le Négrate, August 27, 2012

ColcaSac Juan Valdez protects my new iPad +

Thank you for making the Juan Valdez iPad sleeve to help me protect my very first iPad, "The New iPad." Gonna get the matching Juan Valdez MacBook sleeve when I order my very first Mac computer, the MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

Robby Kaplarczuk, July 11, 2012

It's All About Master Work and Quality+

Absolute quality... I just got my Uintah ColcaSac and I must say, its all about master work and quality. I received the sac well before the expected date. I just love carrying it and already received so many complements for it. Will definitely recommend to my friends.

Sandeep1803, September 2, 2012

Worth every cent I paid+

Just got my Uintah MacBook Air sleeve! I'm very happy with my purchase! It is worth every cent I paid :) I really appreciate the effort that ColcaSac has put into their products, both in quality of materials and design. I will be telling everyone about my lovely new ColcaSac sleeve and recommending they all get one! Thank you folks at ColcaSac!

Colin Kyleigh Marr, August 24, 2012

5 year old ColcaSac MacBook sleeve still fits even my new Mac!+

I purchased a sleeve back when the company was under the name AppleSac. It has still been my favorite accessory for my Mac. I receive so many compliments when I use it and everyone at the Apple store always wanted to know where I got it from. The fact that it also still fits my new Mac made me so happy. Had it for almost 5 years and still in great shape! Thanks for making quality products!

Samantha Kashka, August 6, 2012

I love how secure my iPhone is in a Zagora ColcaSac!+

I bought the Zagora sleeve for my iPhone only a few days ago, and I was happily amazed to receive it today. Being advertised for "Max Protection," the Zagora did not disappoint; it feels tough yet has a nice texture, and I love how secure my phone looks inside it. Since I'm leaving to study abroad next week, it makes me feel relieved to know that my phone will be safe while I travel through SE Asia, and for such an affordable price! I’ll be looking forward to picking up a new sleeve for my MacBook Pro when I come back… if I don’t bite the bullet and buy it now!

Zodiac Tuner, July 20, 2012

ColcaSac Retina Sleeve Fits Perfectly+

Today my Retina MacBook arrived (the sleeve was already here for a couple of weeks), and I just wanted to let you and the rest of the ColcaSac team know that the sleeve fits perfectly and is absolutely beautiful. I have the blue one, and I really like blue, so that's cool – Thank you!

Jaap Bierman, July 18, 2012

Huge Thanks for Chevron MacBook Pro with Retina Sleeve+

I just wanted to say a huge thanks for my MacBook Pro with Retina display Chevron sleeve. It fits perfectly and you can really tell the great quality of this handmade product. It arrived to me in the UK so quickly and I will be recommending your products to friends and co workers. I even loved the packaging it comes in. Thanks again :)

Hannah Faulkner, July 5, 2012

Fantastic Experience from Purchasing and Using a ColcaSac+

My ColcaSac arrived yesterday, and I feel compelled to say it's perfect, lovely, and that my entire experience of purchasing and using it has been fantastic -- a rare thing these days. If there's a more formal venue for reviews, please let me know and I'll sing ColcaSac's praises. Consider me a loyal customer!

Jennine Capó Crucet, June 28, 2012

A Great Complementary Protection and Carrying Accessory+

I wanted to confirm that my order had been delivered very quickly by the Irish post services, and that I am very pleased with my ColcaSac product. My iPad fits right in it, and it's a great complementary protection and carrying accessory. A lot of my Apple co-workers have expressed interest in your product! Thank you again for the help you have provided, thanks also for your note on the receipt :)

Brice-Amélien Puvilland, June 22, 2012

Confession of a Happy ColcaSac Customer+

I just want to thank you for the absolute top notch sale and super duper fast shipping of the laptop sleeve. I absolutely love it! But I have a confession to make, while you bill these sleeves as Apple product sleeves, I do not own a Macbook air (I ordered the air pro 13 sleeve) but instead I own a Ultrabook (HP Envy14 Spectre). I think you put out a great product, and know others would certainly want an item made this well, but perhaps in the future you might want to broaden your item listing to list Ultrabooks as well?

Justin Passaro, June 21, 2012

A Company that Gives a Personal Touch+

My sleeve got here sooner than I expected, and I am completely thrilled with it! I just wanted to say thanks for making a great sleeve because I didn't want anything less for my graduation present! I also would like to thank Sadie for the friendly message on the order sheet that came with my iPad sleeve; it's nice to buy from a company that gives a personal touch. :) Again, thank you for the product and just being awesome overall, I really appreciate it.

CAMERON GLASSER, June 21, 2012

ColcaSac Macbook Pro: No Zipper = No Scratches+

I have a MacBook Pro Zagora and I absolutely love it. It is so handy to be able to slide my computer into it when I'm in a hurry. No zipper = no scratches.

Bradley Piper, April 2012

ColcaSac iPad 2 sleeve is a phenomenal case.+

The ColcaSac iPad 2 sleeve is a phenomenal case. It's aesthetics are unmatched and it does a fine job of protecting the iPad. I would not use any other case for my i(whatever) products. Also, the Hanakapiai sleeve matches flannel well.

Gavin H., November 2010

The Best iPad Sleeve+

ColcaSac is THE best and I just learned that they now made an iPad cover too! I have sleeves for my MacBook and iPhone and now I can complete my collection with the iPad cover. I'm so excited! ColcaSac makes the world a happier place.

Shaneid M., April 2010

Looks so much better than every other case you can get for the iPad+

I waited ages to get the Hanakapiai iPad Sleeve and it was worth it. It looks great and everyone comments about how it looks so much better than every other case you can get for the iPad. I wish you made them for Android devices too!

Martin W., May 2011

It's light weight, holds my iPad snug and even provides a front pocket...+

When I found out the iPad 2 was coming out I started researching cases. I happened to stumble upon the Unitah sleeve and immediately loved it. I ordered it a month before I even got my iPad. This sleeve is perfect! It's light weight, holds my iPad snug and even provides a front pocket where I can store my iPad stand. Great product and I've recommended it to all my friends who have iPads.

Omar R., August 2011

She chose the Hanakapiai sleeve and loves it.+

My girlfriend bought an iPad 2 when they were first released and I knew she would need a sleeve for it. I remembered hearing about ColcaSac somewhere on the internet, so I sent her the link and told her to pick one out. She chose the Hanakapiai sleeve and loves it! So, when I won an iPad 2 at a work conference, the first thing I bought was the Zagora sleeve. The quality is fantastic and I couldn't be happier with it! When I need a new sleeve for my laptop, I'm definitely going with ColcaSac.

Cody F., September 2010

I get complements all the time on it.+

I ordered The Federale iPad sleeve and love it. I get complements all the time on it. Made out of great material and I love the front pocket. I am now looking to the MacBook Pro 17 sleeve.

Kristy B., July 2010

I use it everyday and it still looks brand new.+

I purchased the iPad sleeve about a year ago and still love it. I use it everyday and it still looks brand new. Thanks for the great product.

Trevor T, November 2010

I'm seriously a ColcaSac customer for life now+

I actually got my first ColcaSac along with my iPad 2, an amazingly warm and comfy Uintah Sleeve. I just want to crawl up inside it, it's so fuzzy! I do have to say that it completely exceeded my expectations though—it protects my iPad just like I expected with great durability and while looking great. So what do you expect—when I got my first MacBook, a shiny new Air, I decided to protect it with a ColcaSac Uintah Sleeve as well. The same great natural fiber protects my MacBook from unfriendly environments but the fleece inside is even fuzzier on this newer sleever—love it! I'm seriously a ColcaSac customer for life now.

Jonathan B., October 2010

Ravenously sexy iPad sleeve+

I bought a colcasac for my iPad about a year ago. Not only is it ravenously sexy, but the pocket in the front is like my iPad's personal pocket protector. Since that purchase I have not lost a single stylus! Coincidence? I think not. My wife was so envious of my Colcasac that she purchased an iPad 2 just so she could get her own Colcasac.

Andrew Z., March 2011

I LOVE my Damask iPad sleeve+

I LOVE my Damask iPad sleeve! The inside is super soft to the touch, and the pattern is very stylish. It has gotten umpteen compliments since I started using it in June. The iPad's Smart Cover is nice, but the ColcaSac has protected the back cover from getting scratched up in my backpack. I love that these products are made in the U.S. and that they're made from natural materials, and that ColcaSac is a 1% for the planet member.

Allison C., July 2011

Loved my ColcaSac sleeve for my iPad+

Loved my ColcaSac sleeve for my iPad. Well crafted and fast delivery, plus stylish. I always get coments on it.

Enrique L., February 2012

ColcaSac iPad case is perfect +

My ColcaSac iPad case is perfect because even though its soft and keeps the iPad from getting scratches, it still looks good and protects it from falls!!

Michael C., January 2012

Got a cool ColcaSac for my iPad 2+

Got a cool ColcaSac for my iPad 2. It's great for travel and keeping it protected. If you're in the market for an iPad sleeve, look into these.

Gabe G., February 2011

iPad Sleeve Cleans iPad Screen+

I do a lot of traveling and the ColcaSac is perfect for traveling; beautifully-made, secure, padded, and they look great. What nails of for me is that the ColcaSac is a case that enables me to actually hold my iPad as intended -naked, as opposed to feeling some awful plastic or faux leather. I also love the fact that the interior cleans my screen as a bonus!

Paul B., December 2011

I ♥ my iPad ColcaSac sleeve+

I ♥ my iPad ColcaSac sleeve. I got my iPad 2 the day they were released in Australia but it took me weeks to find the perfect case. I spent days (literally) searching the internet to find one and I was about to give up until I came across ColcaSac. I keep looking around but kept coming back to your website. As soon as pay day hit I bought one. So super impressed with delivery time. It arrived about 4 days later. SO FAST! I don't know how many comments I've had on my case or how many people I've recommend you to. I'm in the process of getting a new laptop also. As soon as I decide what I'm getting I'll be ordering another case. Thank you SO MUCH! You guys are fantastic!

Amanda W, October 2010

My ColsaSac iPad sleeve for several months+

I've now been using my ColsaSac iPad sleeve for several months and truly love it. Perfect fit including the Smart cover which is truly amazing. Definitely worth shipping to Europe!

Sander T., April 2011

Perfect Fit for MacBook +

"I ordered my hanakapiai macbook sleeve 2 years ago. Love how perfectly it fits and how low profile it looks, best of all, it is made of all natural materials!"

Carmen W., November 2010

iPad Sleeve with Personal Pocket Protector+

"I bought a Colcasac for my iPad about a year ago. Not only is it ravenously sexy, but the pocket in the front is like my iPad's personal pocket protector. Since that purchase I have not lost a single stylus! Coincidence? I think not. My wife was so envious of my Colcasac that she purchased an iPad 2 just so she could get her own Colcasac."

Andrew Z., February 2011

Interesting iPad2 Case+

"I love my case for my ipad2. It's soft and fuzzy on the inside. A lot of people had commented on how it looks different. I often get bored with cases, but not this one, and if I ever did, I would get another ColcaSac."

Crissy M., November 2011

The Federale MacBook Sleeve +

"I purchased the Federale Macbook Sleeve for my boyfriend about a year ago, and he is completely in love with it. His Macbook doesn't go anywhere without it. It's super protective & the pocket in front is a handy place to keep pens & the power adapter. I've even caught him using as a pillow (folded in half it's extra comfy). I just wish there was one that would fit my laptop (an annoyingly large dell). He recommends them to all his friends!"

Kelly F., October 2011

Cool Sleeves for Your Gadgets+

"I ♥ my Damask Colcasac sleeves for both my iphone and mac. I bought them a year ago. Both sleeves protect and clean my gadgets' screens. Also, I always get compliments on how kewl they look :)"

Sal A., September 2011

Keeps Your iPad in Great Condition+

"My orange colcasac has kept my iPad in insanely great condition, all the while looking all retro and environment cool. The front pouch is perfect for my ear-buds, too. I love it still."

Matt S., April 2011

Stylish Protection for Your MacBook+

"i bought the colcasac for my macbook about 2 years ago, and I'm very happy about that purchase. to me the colcasac is a very stylish product. it's light yet fully capable of protecting my macbook! currently, I'm studying as product designer therefore I can say that my statement about the product is a credible one. I recommend the purchase of a colcasac to everybody! :)"

Mathias L.K., July 2011

Love at first sight+

"About a year ago I was looking through best possible sleeves for protecting my MacBook Pro 15" and so I came across ColcaSac. It was a love on first sight. It's keeping my MBP free of damage. I also really appreciate natural materials and the first pocket it's just great for an iPad. :)"

Jan F, January 2011

The shoulder bag is comfortable and makes a statement!+

“I bought my a ColcaSac shoulder bag a few months ago and I love it! I was looking for something besides a backpack that I could carry my laptop in after school and on weekends. ColcaSac is perfect! It's comfortable, durable and makes a statement. I highly recommend this product!”

Geoffrey Richards, November 2011

ColcaSac is the perfect companion for my MacBook!+

"ColcaSac is the perfect companion for my MacBook! My laptop doesn't have a single scratch, and the sleeve is stylish, too. I couldn't have made a better purchase!"

Chloe, September 2011

Learned about ColcaSac iPad Sleeve from Apple Store+

“I bought my iPad the ColcaSac sleeve a few months ago and I love it! I was at the Apple store looking at accessories for my iPad and asked a sales associate where I could find a sleeve for the iPad2. She mentioned she bought one from ColcaSac and showed me the site. I went home and ordered one and love it!”

George, August 2011

ColcaSac protects my iPad+

My first ColcaSac was to protect my iPad. Love my iPad sleeve! Keeps my iPad protected without a bulky case on it. Thinking about getting one for my MacBook Pro.

Ryan S., September 2009


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